Love Letters and More Sold at Julien’s

Marilyn leaves hospital in her much-loved silk coat, 1959

An auction pertaining to ‘the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe’ at Julien’s this weekend saw high bids on love letters between Marilyn and her husbands, as well as a cape worn to a press conference at New York’s Plaza Hotel, and a favourite silk coat, Harold Mandel reports for the Examiner.

“A love letter which Joe DiMaggio sent to Monroe after she said she was going to divorce him went for $78,125. Another love letter to Monroe which was from Arthur Miller took in $43,750. A black velvet opera coat of Monroe’s went for $93,760 and one of her beautiful pendant necklaces went for $34,375. A white lacy Monroe brassiere sold for $20,000 and her small lip brush went for $10,000 while a makeup compact sold for $46,875. Her silk coat was the biggest ticket selling for $175,000.

…Monroe’s lost love letters sold for $121K. The love letter from DiMaggio which sold for $78,125 at the Beverly Hills auction appears to have been one of the most talked about items. It hasn’t been disclosed who the buyer was. This letter was written during their brief and volatile marriage. It was among 300 other items put up for sale among Monroe’s lost archives.”

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