Tango With Marilyn in Greece

An MM-inspired evening of dance, on June 26 from 10pm, is part of the ongoing ‘Marilyn Monroe in the Arts’ exhibit at DEKK, the International Exhibition Centre of Crete.

More details on Facebook, translated here via Google:

‘ The Institute for Cultural Exchange invites their friends to Tango in the foyer of the exhibition “Marilyn Monroe in the Arts”.

All lovers of tango and those who wish to experience the magic up close, you will have the opportunity to attend from 18:30 to 22:00, 40 minutes free seminars with the tango masters of Crete. Then follows a night of Argentine Tango (Milonga).

At the same time, guests can visit the showroom “Marilyn Monroe in the Arts”, which consists of 200 authentic artifacts, 80 international artists (Andy Warhol, Erro, Werner Berges, Mel Ramos, Heidi Popovic, etc.) inspired by most famous woman of the 20th century. The report is presented for the first time in Greece and during her tour in America, 651,000 people visited.

The price of the ticket includes:
· Drink
· Free tango classes (supply teachers)
· Free entrance to the exhibition “Marilyn Monroe in the Arts”

Friendly participation:
Department of Styling IIEK MORFI and Schools KEPANSI

General Admission: 8 euros
Student ticket: € 6

Nicholas Smyrnakis

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