Jacques Lowe Pic Sold in London

This photo of Marilyn, taken by Jacques Lowe in NYC, February 1956 (not 1961 as some reports have stated), has sold for £6,050 in a fundraising auction for London’s Kentish Town Primary School.

Lowe was best known for his photos of JFK’s election campaign. His daughter, Thomasina, has children at the school.

More info at London24

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    1. Hi Craig, it really doesn’t look like 1961 to me. From the hairstyle and dress she wore, it is generally thought to have been taken at the press conference for The Prince & the Showgirl at the Plaza Hotel, NYC, in February 1956.

      It’s possible that it was taken at another event though as she wore this dress a lot, but still I would say Feb-April 1956.

      I don’t know why it is stated as being taken in 1961 but I guess even the sharpest memories can fade over time. Lovely print though 🙂

      More info at these links: http://on.fb.me/n5Bw5L


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