Doomed Fictional Holidays: Niagara, 1953

How do you fit adultery, strangulation and drowning on a postcard? The Guardian awards Niagara 4th place on their list of The 10 Worst Fictional Holidays:

“Doomed holidays dominated the silver screen in 1953. While M. Hulot did his worst in France, director Henry Hathaway chose the Niagara Falls as the backdrop for his film in which Ray and Polly Cutler (Max Showalter and Jean Peters) take a delayed honeymoon. They show up at the falls to find their cabin already occupied by George and Rose Loomis (Joseph Cotten and Marilyn Monroe), and Monroe (above) is about to reveal herself as a force of nature to rival Niagara. Her murderous love life comes close to sending everyone, unlucky lovebirds included, over the edge.”

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