Bombshell: When Nikita Met Marilyn

This mystery novel is a collaboration between Max Allan Collins (author of Bye Bye, Babyand his wife, Barbara Collins. First published in 2004, Bombshell relaunches today in ebook, paperback and audio CD formats.

“As escalating tensions threaten to turn the Cold War red hot, Russian premier Nikita Khrushchev embarks on a diplomatic tour of the US, requesting time with two American icons: Disneyland and Marilyn Monroe. The theme park poses too high a security risk, but Marilyn is more than happy to oblige. And as she puts America’s best face forward, Marilyn stumbles upon a sinister plot lurking behind the scenes. Certain parties would love to see both countries erupt in atomic war, and what better way to ensure Armageddon than by assassinating a high-ranking Russian official on American soil? But not on Marilyn’s watch…”

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