Marilyn – A Wonderful Role Model

Marilyn greets the Hollywood press, 1956

So much of the mainstream media coverage focuses on wildly exaggerated rumours about Marilyn’s private life and her death. All the more refreshing, then, to find an article highlighting her strengths and achievements. ‘10 Reasons Marilyn Monroe Is a Wonderful Role Model‘ was posted by Ekaterina at Amerikanki.

While there are a couple of points I might dispute – Marilyn was not known to have ever taken an IQ test, and Ella Fitzgerald may not have been barred from the Mocambo Club because of her race – all in all, this is an excellent piece.

“It would be hard to find anyone who didn’t think Marilyn Monroe was a vision. A half-century after she’s passed away, she remains a symbol of beauty not only in the English-speaking world, but everywhere else as well. For someone who didn’t live past her 30s, her achievements personifying beauty and elegance for generations are considerable. With the troubled life that she lived, Marilyn Monroe isn’t often thought of as a role model. Anyone who achieves her level of success in life, though, cannot but have done a lot in life that was right.”


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