Liza Minnelli Remembers Marilyn

Marilyn with Judy Garland at the Golden Globe awards, 1962

Liza Minnelli – actress, singer, and daughter of Judy Garland – remembers meeting Marilyn as a child:

‘Liza befriended some big names in Hollywood because of her lifestyle. One of those names was legendary screen icon Marilyn Monroe, who Liza says was very sweet.

“She befriended me! I didn’t know her that well. She used to come to some of the dinner parties we had at home and I’d met her a couple of times, then one evening when she came for dinner she came up and said, ‘I just wanted to know if you were awake,’” she explained.

“We sat and talked for about an hour. She was really nice and sweet and interested and I think probably a little shy.” ‘

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