Peter Mangone Has Died

Peter Mangone, who made headlines when he found rare footage of Marilyn in New York, filmed when he was a teenage fan, passed away on December 11, 2012.

The home movie was first shown in a 2003 BBC documentary, The People’s Hollywood.

Earlier in 2012, an exhibition and book, Marilyn Monroe: NYC, 1955, was announced. Sadly, the opening of the display – now at New York’s Danziger Gallery – was delayed after Hurricane Sandy devastated the city.

“I used to get up every day and put on a shirt and tie, because I read she was coming to New York to go to the Actor’s Studio and that she would stay at the Gladstone Hotel, so I used to get up every morning, dress up, get on the train, cut school and wait for hours. Some days I didn’t see her, some days I’d get a glimpse of her. Then I finally stood across from the hotel one day and I saw her. The next day I went in front of the hotel with a piece of paper, she signed it and she said, ‘You were here yesterday. You had a red tie on. Weren’t you cold?’ Because it was freezing. But she noticed. She really cared, you know.”

UPDATE: You can read my tribute to Peter Mangone here.

Marilyn: NYC, 1955

A new exhibition and book, depicting an off-duty, but inimitably glamorous Marilyn walking in a New York street in 1955 with her friend, photographer and business partner, Milton Greene – from a rare home movie shot by lucky teenager Peter Mangone – will be launched next month.

The exhibition , ‘Marilyn Monroe Rediscovered: The Lost Film of Peter Mangone’, opens at New York’s Danziger Gallery on November 1st, until December 23.

The accompanying book, Marilyn Monroe: NYC, 1955, is a mere 48pp long, measures 9 x9″, and includes 30 colour photos, and is available to pre-order now via the Book Depository and other online stores.