Marilyn’s Family Tree

Graphic by Sergio Serrano for Marilyn Mexico
Graphic by Sergio Serrano for Marilyn Mexico (click on photo to view at full size)

Juliana Szucs has written a fascinating article about Marilyn’s ancestry – from Mexico to the American Civil War, and early Indiana pioneers – for

Indiana Ballet Features Marilyn

“‘Marilyn Monroe was labeled a certain way’ that was only partly related to the 1950s sex symbol’s true identity, Hancock said. So The Scarlet Letter is ‘about the loss of innocence,’ refracted through a Monroe split seven ways with seven dancers representing aspects of the star — ‘the sensual side of her, the naïve side of her, all the essences of Marilyn Monroe that can add to the dance.'” –

American Classics is an intriguing new ballet from Gregory Hancock, inspired by the imagery of Nathaniel Hathorne’s The Scarlet Letter, Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, and, of course, Marilyn.

The ballet will be staged at the Pike Performing Arts Centre, Indiana, on August 13-14.