Ray Tolman and Marilyn’s Brentwood Hacienda

Artwork by Brandon Heidrick

“Ray Tolman, who built music stands, played the flute and taught sociology in his long career, died at his home near Bergen Park on June 28. He was 93.

Tolman, who started building things when he was 9, had one famous client few would guess: Marilyn Monroe. He had met her through her psychiatrist, for whom Tolman built a conference table. According to Tolman, when Monroe saw the table, she asked him to design several things for her home, and he was still building for her when she died in 1962.”

Denver Post

To learn more about Marilyn’s last home, visit the website of author Gary Vitacco-Robles, author of Cursum Perficio: Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood Hacienda.