MM Shrine on Aspen Mountain

Aspen, Colorado – most famous as a luxury ski resort – is also home to a fan-made Marilyn shrine, reports the Snowmass Sun:

 “The Marilyn Monroe Shrine on Aspen Mountain was the first — and for a long time the only — shrine dedicated to a woman. Up until around March 2008 it had been somewhat neglected. There was only one photo of her there, and the shrine was in danger of disappearing. However, around that time, Curtis Broek, of Urbandale, Iowa, took it upon himself to resurrect and restore the shrine.

He enlisted some of his friends to help him update the shrine, and now it has many famous photos of Monroe, including ones from Playboy magazine and a couple of Andy Warhols, and it also includes a large clock with an image of Monroe on its face, a Monroe thermometer, two poems she wrote, a Monroe quote dealing with face-lifts, some Monroe banners and a bouquet of red and white roses with pearls.

One of the laminated photos there shows Monroe playing golf. One of the first items put up in the shrine was a large bra. That bra is long gone, but since then, others have been put up, and recently a lacy red bra was attached to a tree. The shrine was updated again around February 2010.”