All About History: Scandalising Marilyn

Marilyn is featured in a new ‘bookazine’, the All About History Book of Scandals, available from UK newsagents or via Newsstand. In its regular edition, All About History profiled Marilyn back in 2015. Unfortunately though, this latest article doesn’t really do her justice.  Over six pages, ‘The Undoing of Marilyn Monroe’ lists her alleged lovers, focuses on her ‘difficult’ behaviour and drug problems (which, in fact, didn’t affect her work until the final years), and rehashes conspiracy theories about her death while admitting that nothing has been proved. It’s most definitely a tabloid perspective and, in my opinion, the photos of Marilyn are the best thing about it.

Photographers Prefer Marilyn

UK fans of Eve Arnold may be interested to know that her famous bedroom shot of Marilyn graces the cover of Professional Photographer magazine’s October issue, as part of a ‘100 Photography Heroes’ special.

However, this issue goes out of date very soon – if you can’t find a copy, try UK website Newsstand (there are currently 3 in stock.)

Marilyn also features in the artwork for All About History‘s current issue, as part of the Kennedy myth (next month marks the 50th anniversary of the president’s assassination.)

There is very little about Marilyn inside, but to their credit, the magazine admits that the alleged MM-JFK affair has never been proved.