‘Smash’ Episode 6: Chemistry and More

The latest episode of Smash sees Ivy (Megan Hilty) cracking under the strain of being Marilyn, reports Starpulse.

“Ivy wakes up to a singer’s nightmare – she’s lost control of her higher notes, a condition commonly caused by strain. She puts on a happy face, rather than let Derek know the problem.

Derek and Ivy talk about her voice. She admits that the doctor gave her Prednisone, but she’s drug sensitive, and there are a lot of bad side effects, including insomnia, hallucinations, hair growth and weight gain. He reminds her that the musical theatre has a lot of terrible side effects, like bankruptcy, alcoholism and insanity. She wants to try a more natural approach to the problem. But when he tells her that he’s going to bring Karen in to sing tomorrow if she’s not better, she relents and takes the drug…”


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