Egor Bogachev’s ‘Russian Monroe’


Artist Egor Bogachev is featured in ‘Russian Neon‘, a new exhibition at Erarta Zurich, Switzerland, on display until May 20. His work explores icons of religion, politics and pop culture, blending such disparate figures as Marilyn and Vladimir Lenin.


“Bogachev’s series Russian Crusades takes contemporary pop culture idols and reworks them as religious icons, combining tsarist garb with neon halos to create works which are ‘symbols of the ambivalent cultural self-discovery of Russia after the end of the Soviet Union.’

In his second series, Lenin Line, Bogachev’s work centres on the Russian leader, whose face is merged with a number of spiritual symbols. Inspired in part by the photography of Russian artist and constructivist pioneer Alexander Rodchenko, the neon colours present psychedelic images of the historical leader intended to ‘neutralise the pathos of Lenin as a historical figure.’” - Nadia Beard, Calvert Journal



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