‘Nobody Else But You’ in New York

Nobody Else But You, Gérald Hustache-Mathieu’s ‘neo-noir black comedy’ about a detective investigating the death of a smalltown beauty queen who idolised Marilyn (played by Sophie Quinton), opens at New York’s Cinema Village on May 12, reports GALO Magazine.

The movie – formerly known as Poupoupidou – is in French, with subtitles. After reading Sandra Bertrand’s glowing review, I hope that it will be released in the UK as well.

“Ultimately, the film works not because of its all-too-numerous parallels to Marilyn’s real life, but simply because they exist as Candice’s own loopy projections. In a delectable performance, Quinton was never meant to be a carbon copy of the legendary star (Michelle Williams in My Week with Marilyn was perfectly cast for that chore). She only imagines herself to be the tragic icon.”

‘Nobody Else But You’ in London

Poupoupidou (Nobody Else But You) the French-made murder mystery about a small-town Marilyn wannabe (Sophie Quinton) will be screening at the London Film Festival on October 17 and 20.

I’m hoping this indie flick will get a wider release. Here’s a review by The Film Pilgrim:

“On paper Nobody Else But You sounds slightly ridiculous, but Hustache-Mathieu’s script is darkly humorous and quite entertaining…

The film is undoubtedly backed by some solid performances…Sophie Quinton also deserves praise for her portrayal of a modern day Marilyn Monroe reincarnate. She has the difficult task of embodying the iconic blonde bombshell, as well as giving Candice a distinct voice and personality. Even though there are moments when the parallels between both women seem contrived – affairs with politicians, nude photo shoots etc. – she remains sympathetic and tragic…

…Delightfully frothy and packed with a generous dose of Gallic humour, Nobody Else But You could be a surprise hit among audiences on this side of the Channel.”



Poupoupidou (Nobody Else But You) is a new French movie from writer-director Gerald Hustache-Mathieu. Not only is its title inspired by a line from Marilyn’s ‘I Wanna Be Loved By You’ from Some Like It Hot, but the film is about a novelist (Jean-Paul Rouve) investigating the mysterious death of a small-town celebrity (Sophie Quinton) who believed she was the reincarnation of Monroe.  The story is narrated by the dead woman and includes flashbacks to her past.

The Hollywood Reporter comments, ‘As a Monroe wannabe, Quinton is seductive and enigmatic, though a far cry from the original. But who wouldn’t be?’ Meanwhile, Kitty Packard Pictorial adds, ‘I hope that Mathieu’s film is the invigorating blend of classic Hollywood storytelling and edgy film making that it very much seems it could be.’

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