‘Nobody Else But You’ in London

Poupoupidou (Nobody Else But You) the French-made murder mystery about a small-town Marilyn wannabe (Sophie Quinton) will be screening at the London Film Festival on October 17 and 20.

I’m hoping this indie flick will get a wider release. Here’s a review by The Film Pilgrim:

“On paper Nobody Else But You sounds slightly ridiculous, but Hustache-Mathieu’s script is darkly humorous and quite entertaining…

The film is undoubtedly backed by some solid performances…Sophie Quinton also deserves praise for her portrayal of a modern day Marilyn Monroe reincarnate. She has the difficult task of embodying the iconic blonde bombshell, as well as giving Candice a distinct voice and personality. Even though there are moments when the parallels between both women seem contrived – affairs with politicians, nude photo shoots etc. – she remains sympathetic and tragic…

…Delightfully frothy and packed with a generous dose of Gallic humour, Nobody Else But You could be a surprise hit among audiences on this side of the Channel.”


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