‘Nobody Else But You’ in New York

Nobody Else But You, Gérald Hustache-Mathieu’s ‘neo-noir black comedy’ about a detective investigating the death of a smalltown beauty queen who idolised Marilyn (played by Sophie Quinton), opens at New York’s Cinema Village on May 12, reports GALO Magazine.

The movie – formerly known as Poupoupidou – is in French, with subtitles. After reading Sandra Bertrand’s glowing review, I hope that it will be released in the UK as well.

“Ultimately, the film works not because of its all-too-numerous parallels to Marilyn’s real life, but simply because they exist as Candice’s own loopy projections. In a delectable performance, Quinton was never meant to be a carbon copy of the legendary star (Michelle Williams in My Week with Marilyn was perfectly cast for that chore). She only imagines herself to be the tragic icon.”

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