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Marilyn’s Gift to London’s Children

London’s Anna Freud Centre for children suffering from mental health problems, a beneficiary of Marilyn’s final will (via Dr Marianne Kris), has been given a £5 million windfall by her estate, reports the Daily Express. “The Anna Freud Centre in Hampstead, … Continue reading

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Marilyn’s Will and Her Beneficiaries

NPR takes a look at Marilyn’s will. Made in 1961, it remains controversial, and it’s rumoured that she had wanted to change it in the weeks before her death. “Monroe grew up in an orphanage and foster homes. She had … Continue reading

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Marilyn and the Therapists

A very insightful post at Tales From the Reading Room on Marilyn and psychoanalysis: “It wasn’t until I realised that Marilyn Monroe is considered (among other things) as one of the great failures of psychotherapy that I started to look … Continue reading

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‘Selling the Dead’

A business article about dead celebrities and merchandising at the Daily Telegraph includes a long section on Marilyn’s estate, and the recent break with CMG: “By testing its rights of publicity claims in court, CMG took a huge gamble – … Continue reading

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Mad Men: ‘Dr Faye Miller’

It’s 1964 and Marilyn Monroe has been dead for two years, but on Madison Avenue her memory is still very much alive. A new character, Dr Faye Miller, is introduced in the latest episode of Mad Men, ‘Every Wall Glares … Continue reading

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