Recreating Marilyn’s ‘Potato Sack’ Shoot

Reality TV star Lucy Mecklenburgh has recreated Marilyn’s famous ‘potato sack’ photo shoot as part of a campaign to promote ‘healthy carbs’ for UK supermarket Asda, reports The Sun.

Marilyn by Earl Thiesen, 1952

“There are two theories as to why Marilyn Monroe originally wore a sack of potatoes in her 1951 photoshoot.

One is that Twentieth Century Fox capitalised on a female journalist suggesting the actress would look better in a sack of potatoes than a particular vulgar red dress.

The other is that someone simply made an off-the-cuff comment about her being so attractive she could make even a sack of potatoes look good, Twentieth Century Fox then taking the stills to prove him right.”

Reading With Marilyn

The Los Angeles Times recommends two recently-published, photo-heavy books on Marilyn in its holiday gift guide: Marilyn: Intimate Exposures and Marilyn Monroe: Metamorphosis.

UK readers may also be interested in the compact Marilyn Monroe: Life in Pictures. Available now from Asda stores at a bargain price of £3, it’s the latest reissue of Marie Clayton‘s pictorial biography, first published as MM: Unreleased Archives in 2006.

Photo by Fraser Penney