French Fanzine Goes Crazy for Marilyn

Crazy For You is a free online fanzine in French, devoted to eye-catching pictorials of Marilyn (and Madonna, who inspired its name.) The latest issue covers Marilyn’s appearance at the Golden Globes in 1960, where she won the Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical award for Some Like It Hot. Previous issues have covered the press party for Let’s Make Love; Marilyn’s notorious red dress by Oleg Cassini; and a glamorous shoot with John Florea. For updates, subscribe to the Paradise Hunter blog or follow on Instagram.

‘Mad About Marilyn’ Updates

My review of Pamela Keogh’s Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? (first posted here) is reprinted in the latest issue of Mad About Marilyn magazine. Also featured are photographer Bill Carroll; a short story by Michael Williams; a vintage Photoplay article, ‘Orphan in Ermine’, a look back at Marilyn’s ‘night at the circus’ in 1955; and a review of John Vachon’s Lost Look Photos.

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