Marilyn/MISFITS/Miller, a new play by Rich Rubin, is currently playing at the CoHo Theatre in Portland, Oregon.

“Rubin’s frequently witty script crackles with delicious dialogue and smart touches from the very beginning (opening line: ‘Blackout. End of play.’). But it’s burdened by a confusing array of characters (34 roles played by seven actors, including cameo appearances by other notables of the era), a frame narrative (a 2004 production in progress of Miller’s last play, Finishing the Picture, which is a barely fictionalized version of, yes, the filming of The Misfits) and a pointless concluding dash of meta-theater, with an actor playing Rubin himself taking the stage for the obligatory end of show ‘what happened to them all?’
With so many levels—a play about the production of a play about the production of a movie about a cast of misfits—and so much going on, it’s a wonder (and a tribute to Rubin and director Karen Alexander-Brown) that M/M/M makes as much sense as it does…We never get a clear answer to a crucial question: what do the playwright (and Miller) think of Monroe?” - Brett Campbell, Williamette Week

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