Joan Juliet Buck Remembers Marilyn

Marilyn and William Lundigan in Love Nest (1951)

Joan Juliet Buck, daughter of Jules Buck – who produced an early Monroe movie, Love Nest – recalls her own sighting of Marilyn – sans girdle – in the October edition of Harper’s Bazaar in the US. (Click to enlarge – and thanks to Colby George for spotting this!)



French Authors Celebrate Marilyn

The French literary world continues to celebrate Marilyn, with two more new books just published. Henry-Jean Servat has just released Marilyn: La Legende, his third book on the star, including an interview with her half-sister, Bernice Baker Miracle, from 1996. Meanwhile, Jannick Alimi’s Marilyn Monroe à 20 ans : Les secrets de ses débuts is now available in paperback and via Kindle. Both authors have spoken (in French, of course) to Le Point about Marilyn.

Marilyn: The Legend, published by Hors Collection, is a large format work, prefaced by another myth of cinema, Brigitte Bardot.

The French actress reports that she only met Marilyn once (in October 1956, in London, according to Henry-Jean Servat). But ‘she seduced me in 30 seconds, it emanated from her a graceful fragility, a mischievous sweetness, I will never forget,’ writes Brigitte Bardot.

Henry-Jean Servat, who made the American star his subject of university thesis, wrote his book with a passionate pen.

Marilyn Monroe at 20 (Au Diable Vauvert editions), tells the very difficult beginning of a starlet named Norma Jeane … But the young Norma ‘does not give up’ and continues, despite the vicissitudes, to display ‘the smile and optimism of youth,’ writes Jannick Alimi.”

‘Full House’ on DVD

Good news for UK fans: O. Henry’s Full House (1952) is being released on DVD (Region 2) on November 12. It is a compendium film, based on the classic short stories of O. Henry. Marilyn stars alongside Charles Laughton in the episode entitled, ‘The Cop and the Anthem.’ The DVD can be pre-ordered now via Amazon UK.

Marilyn: Elle’s Movie Icon

Actress Elle Fanning, 14, has once again named Marilyn as her idol, reports ONTD.

“Q: Who is your Hollywood icon?
A: I saw The Seven Year Itch at about seven years old. It’s part of what made me really want to be an actress. That Halloween I was Marilyn Monroe in the white dress, with the mole. I went to the vintage Levi’s store in London yesterday, and they had denim from every decade. The lady said that the ’50s jeans were the ones Marilyn Monroe used to wear–not the actual jeans, but the same style. They were high-waisted, and they tapered at the calf. I’m still thinking about them. Maybe I’ll get them for Christmas. Then I can look like Marilyn Monroe.”

Marilyn: NYC, 1955

A new exhibition and book, depicting an off-duty, but inimitably glamorous Marilyn walking in a New York street in 1955 with her friend, photographer and business partner, Milton Greene – from a rare home movie shot by lucky teenager Peter Mangone – will be launched next month.

The exhibition , ‘Marilyn Monroe Rediscovered: The Lost Film of Peter Mangone’, opens at New York’s Danziger Gallery on November 1st, until December 23.

The accompanying book, Marilyn Monroe: NYC, 1955, is a mere 48pp long, measures 9 x9″, and includes 30 colour photos, and is available to pre-order now via the Book Depository and other online stores.