About ES

“I made Everlasting Star for the sole purpose of keeping a part of Marilyn Monroe alive : her image. Therefore, 90% of this site focuses on Marilyn Monroe’s image and nothing else.” – Melanie Claisse

Everlasting Star is an online community dedicated to the memory of Marilyn Monroe. Created in 2001, this community now counts over 1500 active members and keeps growing every day.

The most popular sections of the community are related to pictures:

– Discover pictures no one has ever seen before,
– Browse through complete catalogues sorted by photographers & photoshoots,
– Rely on our pictures experts if you need to identify a picture, a photographer, etc.

The boards also encourage lively discussion of Marilyn’s life and career, and her continuing legacy (books, tributes etc), with our members sharing a wide range of knowledge and opinions.