Magnum Legacy: Eve Arnold and Marilyn

Alongside fellow Magnum alumni Elliott Erwitt, the late Eve Arnold is one of Marilyn’s most frequently anthologised photographers. Eve Arnold: Magnum Legacy, a new photo-biography documenting her long career, is just the latest tribute. (Marilyn is featured, though the photos are not rare.)

Interestingly, while Arnold claimed to have first met Marilyn in 1952 (in her own book, Marilyn Monroe: An Appreciation), Magnum Legacy author Janine di Giovanni states that they were introduced later, at a party for John Huston. (Unfortunately, the main text suggests the party occurred in 1954, while an appendix places it in 1955.)

Eve Arnold’s earliest photos of Marilyn – the famous Ulysses session – appear to date from Labour Day weekend in New York, 1955. Seasoned MM fans agree that her hairstyle and striped top date from this period, and not 1952 as Arnold originally stated.

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