Unsung Classics: ‘Bus Stop’

In an article for Bustle, Lara Rutherford-Morrison lists ’10 Classic Movies You’ve Never Seen, Starring Actors You Already Love, That You’re About To Be Obsessed With.’ While Bus Stop, and the other selections on this list are hardly obscure, for those less familiar with classic movies, it’s a worthy discovery.

“Bus Stop is not your typical Marilyn Monroe fare. With this comedic drama, co-starring Don Murray, Monroe set out to prove that she was more than the breathy bombshells she plays in movies like Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and The Seven-Year Itch. Monroe plays what is essentially a parody of her own polished sex-kitten persona in the form of Chérie, a hapless and talentless showgirl who dreams of making it big. Studio execs were nervous about having one of their biggest starts playing against type, but Monroe’s gamble paid off: When the film came out, The New York Times wrote that with Bus Stop, ‘Marilyn Monroe has finally proved herself an actress.'”

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