100 Years of Joe DiMaggio

Photo by Carl Mydans, 1939

Joseph Paul DiMaggio was born 100 years ago this week, on November 25, 1914. Many have paid tribute to the sporting legend, including Life.com:

“For countless people, he’s a symbol of an era in American sports when baseball, boxing and horse racing — but especially baseball — reigned. He was so good at what he did, and he made even the most difficult aspects of a notoriously difficult game look so effortless, that even fans who hated the Yankees could appreciate how singular a ballplayer he really was.

Long before he married Marilyn; long before he was a pitchman for Mr. Coffee; long before he was so much a part of the cultural landscape that entertainers from Woody Guthrie and Simon & Garfunkel to Madonna and Demi Lovato name-checked him in songs, DiMaggio was turning heads with his skills.

Happy 100th, Yankee Clipper. We won’t see your like again.”

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