Michelle Morgan on Books, Movies and Marilyn

Author Michelle Morgan talks about her many ongoing projects, including Marilyn Monroe: Private and Undisclosed, and the upcoming documentary, Marilyn: Birth of an Icon, over at The Damned Interviews.

“The reason I wanted to write a full-length biography was that I wanted to look at her story in a different way than had been done before: to talk with all kinds of people who met her in every aspect of her every day life. Boyfriends, fans, friends, family members, and people she passed in the street; everyone and anyone who had anything to do with Marilyn, I wanted to interview. Their memories are all in the book and they give a different perspective to the one often seen before. The result of my way of researching has had a great response from Marilyn’s fans and I’m very proud of that.

I am hugely excited about the documentary. I filmed my part last summer and I’m a consultant on the movie, which means that I will get to see it before anyone else so I’m thrilled about that. This is the first film I’ve ever been involved with – and hopefully not my last – and so it is an exciting experience not only for me as a Marilyn fan, but for my career also.”

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