Ari Marcopoulos Exhibit in San Francisco

Ari Marcopoulos, a former protegee of Andy Warhol, is the subject of a new exhibition at San Francisco’s Gallery 16, opening on September 9.

 “The new photogravure edition combines elements of his own history, using iconic images of Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe portrait, and his more recent photographs of graffiti. For years Marcopoulos worked with Xerox machines as a medium to create his photographic prints. In these compositions he uses several of his photographs to make multi-pass Xerox prints, resulting in new compositions born out of chance. Using the Intaglio process, we elevate the simple and direct beauty of the low-fi Xerox technique through the lavish tradition of Photogravure. The edition consists of 15 prints and will be presented from September 9th to October 30th at Gallery 16.”


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