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Reading With Marilyn

A few years ago, I made a list of all the books owned or read by Marilyn Monroe (some 436 at last count) for ES Updates. At the time, I wondered if anyone else would be interested. In recent weeks, my list has … Continue reading

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‘Prayer For Marilyn Monroe’

The Nicaraguan poet and priest, Ernesto Cardenal, has spoken about one of his most famous poems, ‘Prayer For Marilyn Monroe’. ‘A devoted fan of American poetry (“the best in the world right now,” he says), Cardenal has had a very … Continue reading

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Greer on Warhol’s Marilyn

The feminist author and art critic, Germaine Greer, has analysed Andy Warhol’s Marilyn in The Guardian. “Drawing and painting are fun, and most people like doing them, especially if they are considered good at them, but they are not art … Continue reading

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‘The Good Bad Girl’

“Monroe was not born but became a blonde; blondeness is a state of ambivalent grace, to which anyone who wants it badly enough may aspire…The blonde’s physical fragility is, of course, only apparent. She must have a robust constitution to … Continue reading

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Marilyn’s Literary Loves

Monroe, whose death at the age of 36 remains a mystery, was an avid reader and something of a culture vulture while she lived in New York, frequently visiting museums and attending plays. Not that she got any credit for … Continue reading

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Life: A Poetic Fragment

Life- I am of both your directions Existing more with the cold frost Strong as a cobweb in the wind Hanging downward the most Somehow remaining those beaded rays have the colours I’ve seen in paintings-ah life they have cheated … Continue reading

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