‘Love, Marilyn’ in New York

Liz Garbus’s documentary, Love, Marilyn, has opened at New York’s Film Forum to mostly favourable reviews. Here are a few of them…

“Drawing on Marilyn Monroe’s letters and notebooks from the archives of the late Lee Strasberg—one of her prime teachers and crucial confidants—the director Liz Garbus has assembled a distinctive, empathetic, and cogent biographical portrait…Unfortunately, Garbus delivers Monroe’s texts to a batch of current-day actresses, whose interpretive excesses (with only a few exceptions) merely serve to highlight the vast distance that separates them from the waning days of the high-studio era. Nonetheless, Monroe’s intimate voice, rescued from the screenplays and the junkets, is a revelation.” – The New Yorker

“Though it may seem a strange choice to have other people embodying Marilyn’s own words, the effect is resoundingly personal…You’ll understand Marilyn better as a result of this film, which should be all the endorsement you need to get yourself to the theater.” – Cinespect

“Actresses like Glenn Close, Viola Davis, and a fantastic Uma Thurman read the excerpts, and listening to Monroe’s own words, we hear her voice and glimpse her soul as never before. We also watch her in never-before-seen interviews, photographs, and home movies, some of which were shot when she wasn’t wearing makeup. That’s a good metaphor for what the film achieves: It presents Marilyn without the cosmetic cover of her mythologies.” - Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Richard Hanna says:

    Marilyn was always urging us to find her,through her myriad disguises her physical and spiritual transformations. This documentary succeeds only in leading us further into her paradox. How does one reconcile truth with glamour?

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