Smash: The Callback

‘The Callback’, Episode 2 of Smash, has aired on NBC.

“Everyone we’ve spoken to seems to heavily favor the Ivy character — she’s more real, she seems fit for the stage, she drinks wine in her apartment alone (relatable!) — over the pure-and-pretty-as-cornsilk Karen. Maybe this dynamic will change, it would be interesting to watch that Black Swan/White Swan flip-flop a little, but we are nervous that they’ve given Ivy the early lead just so we can watch her stumble and crumble as the season goes on. Not that she’s being painted as a sadsack villain or anything, far from it, and not that we don’t necessarily trust the writers to trade in a lot more gray than black and white. It’s just, c’mon. We need a hero to root for here. And we’re worried they’re going to push for McPhee in a big way.” - The Atlantic

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