Dominic Cooper on Playing Milton Greene

Actor Dominic Cooper (currently starring in The Devil’s Double) has discussed his role as Milton Greene, photographer and business partner to MM, in the upcoming film, My Week With Marilyn:

‘Cooper says: “It’s an amazing period of time, featuring a kind of intriguing collaboration of two worlds ultimately colliding. The flash American studio iconic figure and forward-thinking people whisked in to do this big film they were excited about, who were then met with extraordinary sterile opposition in the form of Olivier, who was directing this movie.”

He describes the movie as “a sweet story”. “I say sweet,” he adds, “but on the one hand it’s sweet and [there is] the romantic side of it and [on] the other side it’s terribly devastating, actually. She [Monroe] was ill with something people at the time did not know much about – she had a womb infection, which meant she was in an extraordinary amount of pain most of the time. And then the drug dosage was completely different in the UK than it was in America, so when Milton was getting drugs from English doctors it was the wrong dosage. She was spiralling out of control.” ‘

It has been a long time since I read Colin Clark‘s two books about Marilyn, on which the film is based. I assume that the ‘womb infection’ story comes from that source. While I’m not sure it is accurate (and I have serious doubts about Clark’s reliability in general), Marilyn did suffer from chronic endometriosis.

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