Inner Marilyn at the Jung Center

The Jung Center in Houston, Texas is a non-profit educational institute, named after Carl Jung and dedicated to the arts, psychology and spirituality. A new exhibition, ‘The Inner Marilyn‘, has just opened and will be on display until June 2.

The items featured are from the collection of Marie Taylor Bosarge, who produced and starred in the 2011 musical, Babydoll Reflects, and is president of the Music Doing Good foundation.

Associated events include ‘The Wounded Feminine’, a lecture and workshop led by psychoanalyst Sharon Martin, and a musical celebration of Marilyn’s life. This compassionate, humane approach sounds very promising.

However, I do have a few concerns – firstly, a chair said to be from Marilyn’s home comes with a letter of authentication by Robert Slatzer, who many consider a fraud (see here.) The chair may well be Marilyn’s, but I think a second opinion is needed.

Also, in an interview with the Houston Chronicle, the Jung Center’s Jerry Ruhl seems to imply that Marilyn may have had up to 13 abortions. This is an uncorroborated rumour propagated by Norman Mailer in his ‘factoid’ biography, Marilyn (1973.) In fact, Marilyn suffered from endometriosis which made her unable to carry pregnancies to term.

“There is no proof of it through medical records and stuff like that though, because abortions were illegal and so no records would have been kept,” Danamo notes on the long-standing MM Pages website. “However, to have that many ‘back-alley’ abortions would have surely messed Marilyn up gynecologically, but her autopsy report doesn’t report any abnormalities of this nature.”

Dallas Couple Remember Marilyn

Writing for Dallas News, Nancy Churmin investigated Marilyn’s possible connections with the city.

“When seeking as I always do for a Texas connection, I received a slender link courtesy of Gregory Schreiner, Marilyn Monroe expert and the President and founding member of the longest running Monroe fan club in existence today, Marilyn Remembered:  ‘On January 20th, 1961, en route to Juarez, Mexico, to obtain her divorce from Arthur Miller, Marilyn had a two-hour layover at the Dallas Love Field Airport. Supposedly, Marilyn sat alone in an airport cocktail lounge, watching John F. Kennedy’s presidential inauguration.’

It turns out, however, I found a stronger Dallas link: my husband’s thoroughly Texan late parents met her in person when my father-in-law took the family to a business convention in Los Angeles in 1959. While Grandma Vaudie minded the kids in their hotel room, H.L. and Gene Granberry ran into a host of stars leaving the ballroom: Jayne Mansfield, who spent years in the Park Cities, Gina Lollobrigida, Dick Powell and his wife June Allyson, Chuck Connors and Marilyn Monroe.

H.L., being H.L., managed to get a laugh out of Gina Lollobrigida. When she told him she was working on a film called Go Naked in the World (that would be released in 1961), he responded, ‘I would LOVE to!’. And everyone was nice to them. But the one they were most impressed with was Marilyn Monroe. It wasn’t just her looks, although my mother-in-law used to say she had the most translucent, beautiful skin and natural beauty of any one she had ever seen.

‘The word they kept using was gracious,’ my husband recalled. ‘The thing that struck my mother was that she was very warm, very friendly, very unpretentious, down to earth and a little sad. She made the most lasting impression of anyone they met that day. They had a feeling she related more to them, to normal people, than she did to the Hollywood crowd.’

The people’s star. Maybe that is why. to this day, we still can’t let her go.”

‘Baby Doll Reflects’ in Houston

Marilyn! Baby Doll Reflects, Marie Borsage’s musical tribute (plus exhibition), comes to Houston’s Ensemble Theatre on November 5.

“MARILYN! Babydoll Reflects, starring Marie Bosarge and David LaDuca, takes the audience on a marvelous multi-media musical journey filled with Marilyn Monroe’s own memorable music and quotable quotes, exquisite costumes and more. This red carpet gala evening is a moving illumination of Marilyn’s triumphs and troubles – the side of her life the studio never wanted the public to see. The performance is accompanied by the Babydoll Reflection Collection, a world-class exhibit featuring a comprehensive array of Marilyn’s personal artifacts. The production is a fundraising vehicle for non-profit organizations that want to stage a themed event for cultivating members and supporters. All ticket sales for this concert benefit The Harris School, supporting the identification, education and empowerment of children with language and learning differences.”

Sugar at the Hotel Galvez

There will be an outdoor screening of Some Like it Hot at the historic Hotel Galvez, Galveston, Texas, on March 18. The movie will commence at 8pm on the hotel’s front lawn. Adults’ and childrens’ meals will also be served.

Bathing Beauty in the Snow

Photo by Greg Kendall-Ball, taken outside Bogie’s Downtown Deli in Abilene, Texas:

‘This afternoon, I walked up the street to get some chili for lunch, and spotted this lady smiling back from the window of Bogie’s Downtown restaurant. I wondered, would she be smiling quite as much if she had to endure the 13-degree temperatures the rest of us were experiencing?’

‘With the restaurant’s permission, I placed Miss Monroe on the sidewalk outside. Turns out, she didn’t mind the cold at all. The breeze almost knocked her down a couple of times, like a candle in the wind or something, but nothing really seemed to faze her. I guess this could be called a “really environmental portrait.” ‘

Abilene Reporter-News