UK Revival for ‘Some Kind of Love Story’

Marilyn and Arthur on the ‘Misfits’ set. (Photo by Bruce Davidson, 1960)

In addition to Finishing the Picture, opening in London this month, another Miller play is being revived in the UK by the StoneCrabs Theatre Company. Some Kind of Love Story (1982) is a one-act play, touring London and the South-East this summer as part of a double bill with a Brazilian play, Tieta (The Trial). (Some critics believe Love Story is loosely inspired by Arthur’s relationship with Marilyn. It was originally produced with another Miller play, as Two-Way Mirror.)

“Inspired by the 1940s and 50s film noir genre, Some Kind of Love Story is a dramatic gem: former lovers Angela and Tom meet one night to discuss the Felix Epstein case, which Tom has been trying to crack for five years. He is convinced Angela has privileged information, therefore holding the key to the innocent Felix’s release from prison. But Angela will not tell. Is Tom ready for the truth?

Miller hits back at the themes of American justice and the search for truth in a tale of corruption, drugs, power and abuse.”

Arthur Miller’s Mirror to a Marriage

Red Rope Theatre are touring a revival of Arthur Miller’s Two-Way Mirror, a double-bill of short plays – one of which, featuring actress Rebecca Robson, is said to have been loosely inspired by the playwright’s famous ex-wife. Jeremy O’Brien reviewed it for The Stage.

“In the second, Some Kind of Love Story, a deluded private eye, who fears he is going downhill, tries to persuade an attractive hooker to help him solve a case that has puzzled him for years. In her turn, she attempts to hold onto him by keeping him guessing while also seeking the affection denied her in the past.

The parallel with the Miller-Monroe marriage is plain to see, although both plot and players are entities in their own right, rather than just a reflection on one of the most famous American marriages of all time.”