Marilyn at Julien’s: Let’s Make Music


Marilyn’s RCA Victor award for ‘I’m Gonna File My Claim‘ after it was released as a single to promote River of No Return and sold 50,000 copies in 1954, as well as promotional materials, are among the items in the upcoming Julien’s sale.



An unedited, 30-minute audio recording of Marilyn performing multiple takes of ‘Runnin’ Wild’ and ‘I Wanna Be Loved By You’ (from Some Like It Hot) on a reel of acetate tape, from the estate of Studio 7612 owner Myron Blackler, is also on offer.



Marilyn’s personal songbook – containing more than 369 indexed pages of song standards, such as Cole Porter’s ‘You Do Something To Me’ – is up for bids. Receipts show that in February 1960, Marilyn purchased three albums by Frank Sinatra; and in April 1962, she bought a live double-album by Judy Garland.


Finally, a set of vinyl compilations featuring Marilyn herself are on sale, as collected by Monroe Sixer Frieda Hull.


Gershwin Does it Again

A new recording of George Gershwin’s ‘innocently sensuous’ 1922 song, ‘Do it Again’, as sung by Sophie Milman, makes NPR’s list of The Top 5 Jazz Vocal Performances of 2011.

Perhaps the most famous – or notorious – version of ‘Do it Again’ was Marilyn’s rendition for troops at Camp Pendleton, California, in 1952. Coupled with another Gershwin standard, ‘Somebody Loves Me’, Monroe’s performance was said to have caused a riot.

She performed the song again during her 1954 tour of Korea. Rumour has it that Marilyn was obliged to change the title to ‘Kiss Me Again’, but her band leader, Al Guastefeste, denies this. Her recording of ‘Do it Again’ has featured on countless compilations.