Eminem References Marilyn, Hitchcock and Tate

Rapper Eminem’s surprise new ‘horrorcore’ album, Music to Be Murdered By, is supposedly influenced by Alfred Hitchcock, but its violent, misogynistic themes are nothing new. In a post cataloguing the album’s cinematic references, Screen Rant‘s Q.V. Hough notes that among the new tracks, ‘Little Engine‘ includes a sampled intro from Hitch himself, plus a nod to murdered actress Sharon Tate and a drug-fuelled allusion to Marilyn (‘I’m losin’ control / Heroin and blow, Marilyn Monroe …’) Neither is very accurate, as Tate was stabbed to death, not shot as Eminem claims; and Marilyn never used heroin or cocaine (blow.) Both women deserve better.

Normani Brings ‘Diamonds’ to Harley Quinn

Rappers Megan Thee Stallion & Normani collaborate on ‘Diamonds’, taken from the soundtrack to Birds of Prey, the new Harley Quinn movie due out in February. We have already seen Margot Robbie recreate Marilyn’s signature number from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in the upcoming film’s trailer.

Normani goes one step further in her video, though, reworking lyrics from the original song, ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’, with a hip-hop twist, and vamping it up in pink. As Brooke Marine reports for W, this is the first time the song has been sampled – and we even hear Marilyn cooing ‘Tiffany … Cartier …’ at the fade-out.

Rappers’ Homage to Marilyn

Upcoming rapper Lil Brianna has released a new track, ‘Marilyn Monroe’. “Brianna comes through with a new ‘figure-tribute’ type of track that have been popular nowadays,” says The305.com. “But the beat on this is not too shabby. It knocks. And Brianna definitely flows on it.” Listen now on Youtube.

Nicki Minaj

There’s obviously a lot of love for Marilyn in the hip-hop community. Last week, Nicki Minaj told Glamour magazine, “I’ve always adored Marilyn Monroe ― mostly for her facial expressions in her pictures.” (In the accompanying photo shoot, Nicki dons a blonde wig.)