Warhol’s Marilyn in Rochester

On Friday, May 31, Rochester Museum of Fine Art in New Hampshire will present a one-day exhibition of their latest acquisitions – four Warhol screenprints of Marilyn – as Seacoast Online reports.

“After Warhol published his famous Factory Additions of Marilyn artwork, he began collaborating with two anonymous friends from Belgium on a second series of prints. The original idea behind this partnership, for Warhol, was to play on the concept of mass production. He was essentially mocking the idea that Factory Addition prints were somehow more important than the second series. Warhol provided the photo negatives and colour codes needed to create silkscreens exactly like the ones he had used for the Factory Additions. In 1970, Warhol’s original silkscreens were reproduced to create the second series of screenprints. These were named Sunday B. Morning prints.”

‘Immortal Marilyn’ in New Hampshire

John De Vito and Frank Tropea, authors of Immortal Marilyn: The Depiction of an Icon (Scarecrow Press, 2007), will give a free lecture on MM in the Levenson Community Room, Portsmouth Public Library, New Hampshire, on January 18 at 7.3o pm.

As their book focused on representations of Marilyn in the performing arts, I wonder if they will mention recent works like My Week With Marilyn and the upcoming TV series, Smash?