Zolotow’s Marilyn: Life With the Greenes

With business partner Milton Greene, 1955

These latest extracts from Zolotow’s 1960 biography, first published in the Los Angeles Daily Mirror, recounts Marilyn’s split from husband Joe DiMaggio, and her decision to leave Hollywood; her business partnership with photographer Milton Greene and her personal relationship with his wife, Amy (Marilyn stayed at their Connecticut home in the winter of 1954-55, before moving to New York.)

Marilyn in Jewellery Ad Campaign

The ‘Dreams’ collection has been launched by the Brazilian jeweller, Amsterdam Sauer, and Milton Greene’s classic photographs of Marilyn (the ballerina sessions and black sitting) are being used to promote it.

Predictably, ‘Coco’ Perez Hilton is baffled: ‘What’s weird, besides the fact that she’s dead,’ the infamous gossip blogger mused, ‘Marilyn isn’t wearing any of their jewelry in the vintage shots. It just doesn’t make sense.’

For those among us who ‘get’ Monroe’s timeless beauty, there are more details over at MM Collection Blog.

Dominic Cooper as Milton Greene

“In the upcoming film My Week with Marilyn, Michelle Williams plays Marilyn Monroe, and Dominic Cooper will play photographer Milton Greene. ‘He was quite an old* man, but they had a very close relationship,’ Cooper says. ‘I think Marilyn felt very supported by him in the beginning. But ultimately he became her agent and business partner, which is rather a lot.’

Greene sounds like another of Cooper’s ethically dubious characters. ‘There’s a sinister edge to some of them,’ he agrees. ‘But I like the challenge of making them multi-dimensional. It’s fun to play characters who are narcissistic and arrogant and obviously not very nice. The pleasure is trying to inject a quality into them that an audience can tolerate and understand.'”

USA Today

*In 1956, Greene was 34, just four years Marilyn’s senior, so not ‘old’ at all. I assume this is a typo and Cooper might have actually said ‘odd’.

Marilyn On This Day: June 29, 1956

Photo by Milton Greene

At 7:21pm, Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller were married by Judge Seymour Rabinowitz in a civil wedding at the Westchester County Court House in White Plains, New York. Guests included Arthur’s cousin, Morton.

A more elaborate, Jewish ceremony was held on July 1st, attended by family and friends.