Sara Stockbridge Inspired by Marilyn

The model turned actress and novelist, Sara Stockbridge, was muse to designer Vivienne Westwood during the 1980s and was famous for her MM-inspired platinum blonde locks. Here she talks about Marilyn’s influence to Fashion’s Most Wanted

“Anyway, style icons?  Marilyn Monroe.  I like Marilyn because there’s always something that’s slightly wrong. There’s always something that’s got a crease or a broken strap.  I don’t like too overdone.  There’s something I think that Coco Chanel said, I think it was her, but it was actually my Gran who said it to me.  She said: when you look in the mirror before you go out you must take something off; don’t have the earrings and the bracelet and the whatever all together.  I like the slightly sparse look, like something’s missing.”

The notorious ‘broken strap’ incident, 1956


Poupoupidou (Nobody Else But You) is a new French movie from writer-director Gerald Hustache-Mathieu. Not only is its title inspired by a line from Marilyn’s ‘I Wanna Be Loved By You’ from Some Like It Hot, but the film is about a novelist (Jean-Paul Rouve) investigating the mysterious death of a small-town celebrity (Sophie Quinton) who believed she was the reincarnation of Monroe.  The story is narrated by the dead woman and includes flashbacks to her past.

The Hollywood Reporter comments, ‘As a Monroe wannabe, Quinton is seductive and enigmatic, though a far cry from the original. But who wouldn’t be?’ Meanwhile, Kitty Packard Pictorial adds, ‘I hope that Mathieu’s film is the invigorating blend of classic Hollywood storytelling and edgy film making that it very much seems it could be.’

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Anna Strasberg Sells MM License

“In light of my caring for the preservation of Marilyn Monroe’s image over the years, and my personal and professional commitments to my husband, Lee Strasberg’s, work, teaching, lecturing, and directing The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institutes, and to my family, which now includes my grandchildren, I am pleased to let you know that I have entered into a partnership with Jamie Salter and ABG, who impressed me with their bold, imaginative ideas. I will remain involved, and I enthusiastically look forward to their innovative ideas and continuing to carry out with integrity Marilyn’s great and timeless legacy.”

Anna Strasberg

“Why does Lindsay Lohan aspire to be Marilyn Monroe? Why does Lady Gaga aspire to be Marilyn Monroe? The reason is that she is an iconic personality, she has great style, she is just simply elegant. She stands for glamour, and sex appeal, and – remember this – she proves that size doesn’t matter. She is voluptuous, a real woman. The younger generation will fall in love with her the way we fell in love.”

Jamie Salter

I can only hope that Mr Salter will respect Marilyn’s memory, and not just the brand. Certainly I hope that some of his more bizarre ideas – such as a reality TV show looking for the ‘next MM’ – will be reconsidered, as surely he must appreciate that Ms Monroe was irreplaceable.

More details at The Independent

Kim Cattrall On Marilyn

“As Kim and I were chatting, we were joined by the adorable writer Jacob Bernstein and some others. One of the guys — it’s always guys around Kim! — said: ‘All these actresses playing Marilyn Monroe now [Michelle Williams, Naomi Watts] but you are the one to do it!’ Indeed, Kim has an MM quality and an appreciation — she mentioned Monroe’s Bus Stop at one point, when talking about ‘genuine acting.’ But Miss Cattrall laughed and said, ‘Oh, no, I’m much too old. She died at 36.’ Well, although Kim’s age is no secret, we won’t tell here. However, up close and in person, she looks not a second over 35.”

Liz Smith, WowOwow

Kim Cattrall will reprise her role as Amanda in the Broadway production of Noel Coward’s Private Lives later this year.

Honeymooners in Paso Robles

“As the story goes, after a quick wedding in San Francisco, the newlyweds made a dash down the coast to Paso Robles, where they spent their first night as husband and wife at the Clifton Motel, now the Clifton Apartments, still located at 125 Spring St. in downtown Paso Robles.

The pair also enjoyed a quiet dinner at the nearby Hot Springs Hotel, then situated at the corner of 13th and Spring streets. The building burned down in the 1960’s and a small realty building now occupies the location.

The Paso Robles Press announced the juicy news with gusto. The Jan. 15, 1954 edition front page headline stated in bold typeface, “Marilyn and Joe Honeymoon Here.” After their excursion through Paso, the couple hopped into a dark blue Cadillac and motored to a mountain lodge near Palm Springs, where they spent two secluded weeks together.”

Paso Robles Press

More information available from Paso Robles Historical Society

‘Meeting Marilyn Monroe’

“Even in death, the woman creates a deeper, and more powerful experience than one would expect.  I am glad, touch, honored, and inspired to have ‘met’ Marilyn….someone I have not only never met,  I have never lived in our lifetime…yet…..there is something to be said for visiting the grave of someone we have never met.  Like any other grave the person is no longer with us, but unlike a grave of someone familiar…we have an entire culture and history to figure out who this person was instead of a limited history via family and direct interaction.  Sometimes…..we just need to visit someone we never knew to feel thankful for our own existences, and the impact they left behind.  It was a pleasure, and privilege to have ‘met’ you Marilyn.”

Elizabeth Grammaticas writes about her recent trip to Hollywood, where she visited Marilyn’s grave.