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Marilyn at the Kentucky Bar

En route to Mexico

On Friday, January 20, 1961, Marilyn arrived in El Paso, Texas with her lawyer, Aaron Frosch, and publicist, Pat Newcomb, and they crossed the frontier to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (also a US-Mexican border town), where Marilyn’s divorce from Arthur Miller was then finalised.

In order to avoid publicity, Marilyn timed her trip to coincide with President John F. Kennedy’s inauguration, which she watched on television during a stopover at Love Field Airport, Dallas.

Kentucky Club, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Before leaving Mexico, Marilyn is said to have visited the famous Kentucky Club in Juarez, where she bought a round of drinks for the bar’s patrons.

Unfortunately, in recent years Juarez has been plagued by drug cartel violence, and the Kentucky Club, first established during the Prohibition era, is now facing closure.


Marilyn Block Print

Spotted by MM fan Colby George at a US branch of Target, this wall print features a lovely, candid shot from Marilyn’s 1954 visit to Korea, where she entertained American troops – later describing her trip as ‘the happiest time of my life’.

Information from Scott Fortner:

Would you like to know something amazing? On two occasions, I was lucky enough to go through the two “missing file cabinets” full of Marilyn Monroe documents and property. These were the cabinets from the Vanity Fair article. I saw an original of this shot in one of the cabinets. Marilyn Monroe herself owned this actual photo of her. It was likely given to her when she was there in Korea and she saved it, or perhaps it was sent to her by the GI that took the picture. On the back in Marilyn’s own handwriting a passage written, “This one is my favorite.”

The Meaning of Marilyn

Philippe Halsman, 1952

Dr Lois Banner, professor of History and Gender Studies at the University of Southern California, considers three recent MM biographies in this month’s Women’s Review of Books, and discusses the difficulty of ‘deconstructing Marilyn’.

Banner is currently writing a scholarly study of Monroe for Bloomsbury Press, An Uncommon Woman: Marilyn Monroe as an American Icon of Passion and Power.

Dr Banner at USC

Lois Banner on Amazon

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