‘Bus Stop’ Stage Revival in Maine

Another stage revival of William Inge’s Bus Stop has just opened at the Acadia Repertory Theatre in Somesville, Maine. Director Andrew Mayer outlined the differences between the play and Marilyn’s 1956 movie to readers of the Mount Desert Islander.

“‘This play is as good an American play as has ever been written. It depicts characters one doesn’t often see on the theater stage: cowboys, a nightclub singer, waitresses and a bus driver, Kansans, Missourians, Montanans. It shows them in their own world, with all the dignity, flaws and humanity of each on full display. And while the play has the (highly unconventional!) love story between Bo the cowboy and Cherie the nightclub ‘chanteuse’ at its heart, it gives plenty of stage time to the rest of the characters as well. Inge’s genius is in making these characters compelling and recognizable to everyone, while keeping the play deeply rooted in its Midwestern milieu. It’s not just a masterpiece, but a distinctively American masterpiece!'”

‘Niagara’ Screens in Thomaston

The 1953 thriller, Niagara, will be screened as part of a ‘Femmes Fatales’ series at Thomaston Public Library in Waldo County, Maine, on Friday, November 25, at 6.30 pm, reports Dagney Ernest for the Herald Gazette.

‘In this fine noirish thriller, Marilyn Monroe plays a shameless hussy who wears skin-tight sweaters and flirts with anybody in long pants. Joseph Cotton plays her long-suffering husband who, nonetheless, remains obsessed with her. On a vacation trip to Niagara Falls, everything unravels — the wife and her lover plot to kill her husband by flinging him over the falls, but their plan goes awry. The film has good location work and Monroe sings a tune called “Kiss.” ‘

‘Babydoll Reflects’ in Maine

Marilyn! Babydoll Reflects, the musical tribute first staged at Michigan’s Opera House in June, comes to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens on July 23 at 7pm. Marie Borsage stars.

” ‘MARILYN! Babydoll Reflects’ is an hour-long musical cabaret that begins with Marilyn Monroe at her boudoir mirror, reflecting on her tumultuous life. As told through the music she made famous, as well as her own published quotes, the show is filled with exceptional musical talent, gorgeous costuming, and creative sets and lighting that make the production a visual treat as much as a marvelous musical journey.”