Marilyn Flies High With United Airlines

This exuberant press shot of Marilyn arriving in Vancouver in July 1953 (en route to film scenes for River of No Return – more info herefeatures in a new display at the remodelled Global Services reception area for United Airlines’ elite customers at Los Angeles International Airport (L.A.X.), as Lewis Lazare reports for Chicago Business Insider. (She also flew from New York to Chicago with United Airlines when she visited Bement, Illinois to honour Abraham Lincoln in 1955.)

Photo by Eve Arnold, 1955

Los Angeles, 1956: Marilyn Returns

Photo by Leigh Wiener
Photo by Leigh Wiener

The Los Angeles Times has posted a vintage report from February 25, 1956 – the day after Marilyn flew back to her hometown after a year’s absence, ready to film Bus Stop. (The picture was taken at Los Angeles International Airport – or LAX – by Leigh Wiener, better-known for his photographs of MM’s funeral six years later.)

“Actress Marilyn Monroe flew into town last night and brought activities at International Airport to a standstill.

As she stepped from an American Airlines flagship, hundreds of airport workers streamed out on the flight ramp to catch a glimpse of the glamorous film star.

Scores of newspapers, magazine, television and newsreel cameramen crowded around the New York to Los Angeles plane which arrived one hour and 45 minutes late due to headwinds…”