Roy Schatt Exhibit in Paris

A new exhibition, ‘Roy Schatt – Icons’, featuring his iconic photos of stars like Marilyn, James Dean and Steve McQueen, is on display at La Galerie de l’Instant in Paris until January 12th, 2014. (Thanks to Eric Patry for the heads-up!)

“But the most moving portraits, it seems to me, are those of Marilyn Monroe, in 1955. She attended as a student in the public meetings of the Strasberg Theatre School … It distinguishes among students in dark suits … all have their faces turned to the professor, and among these shadows can be seen as a star … a light touch, this famous light that emanated from her, she is, attentive, concentrated and especially natural, simple … one of the best periods of his life. This natural, this purity, this kindness that emanates from these photographs, I think is a very modern for its time, making these images not only beautiful and moving, but also timeless.”