James Callahan Remembers Marilyn in Korea

“Another perk of being a military police officer was escorting visiting dignitaries. James Callahan protected visiting generals and celebrities during his time in Korea.

The two standout guard assignments — Marilyn Monroe and Bob Hope.

‘She was a beautiful woman,’ he said. ‘I had to use every MP I had to guard the stage when she went on. There were two or three battalions there, probably over 10,000 men. They all tried to get as close as they could to her, and it was our job to keep them away.'”

Former drill sergeant James Callahan of Arkansas speaking to the Baxter Bulletin in 2004

Marilyn in Korea: ‘This One Is My Favourite’

Spotted by MM fan Colby George at a US branch of Target, this wall print features a lovely, candid shot from Marilyn’s 1954 visit to Korea, where she entertained American troops – later describing her trip as ‘the happiest time of my life’.

Information from Scott Fortner:

“Would you like to know something amazing? On two occasions, I was lucky enough to go through the two ‘missing file cabinets’ full of Marilyn Monroe documents and property. These were the cabinets from the Vanity Fair article. I saw an original of this shot in one of the cabinets. Marilyn Monroe herself owned this actual photo of her. It was likely given to her when she was there in Korea and she saved it, or perhaps it was sent to her by the GI that took the picture. On the back in Marilyn’s own handwriting a passage written, ‘This one is my favorite.'”