Marilyn’s ‘Movie Icons’ Author F.X. Feeney Has Died

Film historian F.X. Feeney has died aged 66, The Wrap reports. As well as being movie critic for LA Weekly, Feeney was an expert on Orson Welles and contributed to a number of books from art publisher Taschen, including their compact ‘Movie Icons‘ series, writing an introductory essay, Marilyn Monroe: Enchantress, for her 2006 monograph featuring images from the Kobal Collection – as reviewed by Sirkku on the Monroe Book Blog.

Marilyn: A New, Illustrated Biography

Hardly a year goes by without a new pictorial biography of Marilyn hitting bookstores. This latest, budget-priced tome has just been released on, and will probably soon be made available elsewhere. It’s 80pp in total, and its dimensions are 10.7 x 8.8 x 0.6 inches. ISBN is 1472351355.

Here’s a quick review, plus some photos from Fraser Penney:

“Got this new American book today by Parragon Books, with text by Gabrielle Mander. It’s a picture book with images from The Kobal Collection. Nothing new but lovely done mainly focusing on her films, marriages etc very nicely written.”