How a Fake Marilyn Quote Inspired a Meme

Social media has spawned many ‘fake quotes‘ wrongly attributed to Marilyn. One of the most ubiquitous, shown above, ends with the line, ‘If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.’ This quote cannot be sourced to any biography or interview, but it remains inexplicably popular. While more reputable publications now acknowledge that is dubious, it is still commonly linked to Marilyn. Recently, a more humorous take on the infamous quote has spawned a popular meme, albeit with the line slightly altered to ‘If you don’t love me …’

Among many celebrities joining in on Twitter are Smash star Katharine McPhee, and that most famous of Marilyn fans, singer Mariah Carey…

Goodbye to ‘Smash’

After a troubled second season, Smash will not be renewed by NBC, it has been confirmed. The final episode will air on May 26. Katharine McPhee told the Hollywood Reporter:

“Sure, I wish that it could have five more seasons, but we had two great seasons and all I can say is I loved every moment of it. I loved getting to the set, I loved the people, I loved my crew. We did amazing things on the show in two years.

With this business, you can never predict what people are going to like or love or hate. All I know is that when the show started and people were so excited about the pilot, I was excited to finally be a part of something that could showcase me. Everyone has perceptions about what you’re capable of and what you can do and this show was a huge gift.”


‘Smash’ Episode 8: ‘The Coup’

In this week’s episode, ruthless producer Derek (Jack Davenport) suggests an edgier take on Marilyn to hopeful actress Karen (Katharine McPhee)…

‘It’s time for the secret song! Derek wants Karen to “not be afraid of the sex.” He says Marilyn had purity, and on top of that, sex. Tom and Julia meet up with Katie (oh the warehouse is in the middle of Brooklyn) and Eileen by the warehouse in Brooklyn to see Karen’s performance, while Eliss and Ivy sneak into the warehouse through the stage door. When Julia sees Karen her response is “Karen you’re in on this too?” “Yeah I guess!” she replies excitedly. “Touch Me” sounds more like a Christina Aguilera song or maybe a Madonna song – Karen is only wearing a sheet…’ – Wall Street Journal

20th Century Fox Mambo

A preview of the upcoming second episode of Smash, ‘The Callback’, in which Karen (played by Katharine McPhee) sings ’20th Century Fox Mambo’. The rehearsal clip can be viewed on ONTD, but the final cut is available to US viewers only.

I have to say I prefer this sultry number to ‘National Pastime’, the baseball-themed song performed by Ivy (Megan Hilty) in the pilot episode.

‘Smash’ Trailer on NBC

Katharine McPhee

A trailer for the upcoming TV series, Smash, has been previewed on NBC. The pilot episode concerns an attempt to stage a musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. An established actress (Megan Hilty) competes with an unknown (Katharine McPhee) for the lead role. Described as ‘Glee for grown-ups’, Smash will be shown on NBC in the US later this year.

McPhee is a natural brunette, but the above photo, taken in 2009, shows what she might look like as a blonde.

View trailer here