Gordon Parks: Marilyn on the Flipside


I AM YOU: Selected Works 1942-1978 is a new book showcasing  the work of American photographer Gordon Parks, published by Steidl. The upper image as shown above, from his little-known 1956 shoot with Marilyn, is included. However, fans will notice that the photo appears to have been flipped, as her famous beauty spot is on the wrong side. As well as his celebrity portraits, Parks was famed for chronicling the civil rights movement, and later as a pioneering black filmmaker. A four-volume boxset, Gordon Parks: Collected Works, was released in 2012.

Gordon Parks Exhibit in Minneapolis

Gordon Parks was a true renaissance man: a photographer who did more than most to document the experience of black Americans in mid-20th century; a novelist, poet and artist; and director of the classic 1971 thriller, Shaft.

His 1956 photo session with Marilyn features in ‘At 100’, a new retrospective of 40 classic images, now at the Weinstein Gallery, Minneapolis, until July 28.