Marilyn: A Natural Beauty (And Then Some)

The question of whether or not Marilyn had plastic surgery has long been controversial. Over at Immortal Marilyn, Marijane Gray sets the record straight.

“The truth of it is that Marilyn had extremely minimal work done- so minimal that it’s undetectable in before and after photos, so minimal that when her chin implant was reabsorbed it didn’t alter her stunning face in any perceptible way. However, even if every single claim of plastic surgery were true, it does not diminish Marilyn’s remarkable beauty … Let us appreciate her for how she chose to look without picking apart what was natural and what may have been enhanced, and let us stop trying to assuage our own insecurities by feasting on the flaws, real or imagined, of other women.”

Hollywood Dentist Remembers Marilyn

roy nisson dentist

Dr LeRoy Nisson – a 94 year-old retired dentist, now living in St. George, Utah – has shared his memories of treating Hollywood’s greatest stars (including Marilyn) in an interview with The Spectrum.

“Through the decades much has been made of Marilyn Monroe’s beauty. Dr. LeRoy Nisson, however, was only interested in her chompers.

‘Marilyn had the most beautiful set of teeth,’ says the 94-year-old retired dentist who counted the starlet among his patients…

…Among his many memories of Monroe was a time when she asked him to make her teeth whiter — a request extended from the director of her movie at the time. Nisson thought it was nonsense.

‘Yours are the best set of teeth I’ve ever seen,’ he remembers telling her. ‘Go back and tell that to your director.'”