Marilyn Haunts the Front Pages

Following a recent cover story in Yours Retro magazine,  the 60th anniversary of Some Like It Hot also makes the front page of the latest Weekly News, plus a centrefold tribute from Craig Campbell.

On the weird side of Marilyn fandom, in Take A Break: Fate & Fortune‘s May issue, Emma Pearce of Cornwall shares her belief that MM is haunting her home – via a reproduction of a painting by Renato Casaro which she found in a rubbish tip (depicting Marilyn as Jesus, with Bogart and Elvis among her disciples, in a pastiche of Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper.) Maybe the ghost isn’t Marilyn, but an angry critic?

Further afield, the second issue of German magazine Nostalgie features a lovely Monroe cover. Sadly, the usual conspiracy theories about her death are trotted out inside.

Thanks to Fraser and Johan

‘Bus Stop’ Comes to Cornwall

‘A Night With Norma Jean’, including a screening of Bus Stop, is set for Friday, November 6 at The Poly in Falmouth, Cornwall, reports West Briton.

“Guests will enjoy live performances of some of Monroe’s most famous songs and readings from her autobiography. Senior lecturer at Falmouth University Julie Ripley will also deliver a fascinating presentation, examining the glamorous star’s famous fashion choices – from swimsuits to sweaters.

The evening will culminate in a screening of the Golden Globe-nominated classic, Bus Stop (1956). Part-comedy drama, part-musical, the film stars Monroe as a warm-hearted showgirl at a rodeo who strives to unravel the macho behaviour of the men around her.

This unique collaboration, the fourth of its kind, combines The Poly, Scary Little Girls and Falmouth University’s Fashion & Textiles Institute and was originally funded by the British Film Institute’s Film Hub.

The series explores how film actresses such as Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Mae West and Monroe herself pushed the boundaries of gender equality, fashion and more – both before and after censorship.”