Kylie – With a Hint of Marilyn…

London street artist Pegasus – who has created several tributes to Marilyn – pays homage to Australian singer Kylie Minogue in a new Chelsea artwork. There’s more than a hint of MM, too – Kylie is wearing Marilyn’s ‘Blue Dragon’ costume, from that famous scene in Bus Stop (1956.) In her unforgettable role as beleaguered nightclub ‘chantoosie’ Cherie, Monroe sang ‘That Old Black Magic’ to an audience of rambunctious cowboys.

Kylie is a well-known Monroe fan, having performed ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’ in the past. And this isn’t the first time Pegasus has merged two icons, either – he once recreated Betty Grable’s most famous pin-up pose, using the face of Queen Elizabeth II.

‘Marilyn at Niagara’ Collection

Six photos of Marilyn, taken by Jock Carroll during filming of Niagara in 1952, were purchased – with copyright – by Limelight Movie Art of Chelsea at an auction this year, reports London’s Evening Standard. They are now offering a selection of prints for sale, starting at £1,650.

While I wish them luck with their enterprise, I can’t help wondering how Marilyn – who was always grateful to her fans – might have felt about her image being turned into such high-end merchandise. It’s a pity there aren’t some more affordable options as well, for fans on ordinary incomes.